Sunday, January 22, 2006

Post-Ledang Year 1971

@ Ayer Panas Tan Eng Chuan & fresh ex-Ledang Jan 1971
Sorry no girls, only guys welcome

@Ayer Panas -Welcome ex-CHIJ Malacca girls Jan 1971

need a dose of fresh choices!

@Ayer Panas relaxation 1971

@Segar's house Feb 1971

@Segar's house, food and all that's good

@Segar's house group photo

@Ayer Panas 1971 with Jee Tui, Hock Joo

Siew Chuan and Yuet Ngor

Ah Lai, before leaving on a jet plane for UK

@Yok Chan's house-- her engagement day

@Ayer Panas again, but different people.

On the same rock as the Form 1G photo.

Ledang School should have got Ayer Panas under its port-polio,don't you think so?

Where do you go when there is no recreation outlet?

AYER PANAS of course!